10 Insider Secrets™ How to Buy Real Estate In Your IRA

Retire Rich Using Your IRA to Buy Foreclosures, Short Sales, Tax Liens & More!




Would you like to retire faster, wealthier and live more comfortably? If so, congratulations! You have visited the right site. I created this site to share with you a new way you can take control of your future and and perhaps even retire rich. By learning the information in this site you will no longer be dependent on the so called “experts” (financial planners) who are only making themselves wealthy at your expense. You will have the tools you need to succeed in building a massive amount of wealth for your retirement.

Welcome, my name is Todd Bermont and I would like to thank you for visiting. You may be wondering why I created this site. Well, first of all, let me tell you, I am not a Real Estate Agent. Nor, am I an Accountant. In fact, until recently, I never even owned an investment property outside of the home I am living in. Like many of you, I am a typical American looking to become wealthier and live the “American Dream.”

So, why should you explore this site? To learn the truth about investing.

You can retire rich by taking control of your investments and not risking your whole nest egg in the Stock Market to do so. In this site, I will share with you secrets that hardly anyone knows about. When I learned that I could buy Real Estate in an IRA, I couldn’t believe it.

I asked my cousin-in-law who is a Real Estate lawyer if I could do this… and he had never heard of it. I asked my financial planner if she could help me. She had no idea you could do this. As it turned out, even my accountant had to research this.

I was shocked that not one person I knew was aware of the fact that you could buy Real Estate in an IRA.

This is ridiculous! Everyone should know that you can retire rich by investing your IRA funds in Real Estate.

The time has come to build your wealth!

Up until now, a precious few people have been getting all of the wealth in this country. It is about time that people like you and I share in the American Dream… to create wealth and live a happy and comfortable life! The secrets I am about to share with you could change your life.

But, why would I share these secrets with you? How about an honest answer… to make money! After all, I have to have a vested interest in educating you. My vested interest is if you make money by taking action on what you learn with this site, hopefully you will recommend my books, online classes and seminars to others. Ultimately, if this site generates a million visits, I guarantee you I will be more than delighted that I chose to share these secrets with you. Any author that tells you otherwise is most likely a blatant liar, like some of the financial planners I have run into over the years.

But, of equal, if not greater importance, I am tired of people being misled by certain unscrupulous bankers, insurance agents and financial advisors who typically only have their best interest at heart when it comes to investing your hard earned money.

One of my greatest frustrations is that our educational institutions often don’t teach us the valuable skills we need to succeed in life. I graduated with honors from a Big Ten University and received a degree in Business Administration/Marketing.

You’re probably thinking “Wonderful Todd, I’m happy for you.” I share this with you because I don’t know about you, but when I was in college, I was not offered one course on how to invest my money. The only course that came close was a class I took on insurance. I was not offered one course on how to job hunt. I was not offered one course on how to be a great parent and raise wonderful children. I was not offered one course on how to be a great husband.

I have had to learn all of these things on my own. And, I will be the first to tell you, it has often been a painful process. My dear wife Paula will be more than happy to tell you that I am not perfect by any means. My goal with this book is to help you circumvent the many years it took me to learn this material.

The secrets in this site are revolutionary!

My hope is to give you a shortcut to success so you don’t have to go through the same learning curves and schools of hard knocks that many of us have had to go through. 

I wrote created this site to share with you knowledge that can not only make you money but make you rich. You see, very few people have a vested interest in sharing the information you are about to learn. Most “experts” don’t want you to know this information.

Your bankers and financial advisors don’t want you to know these secrets!

Your banker doesn’t want you to know these secrets because he or she can’t make a commission off of selling you a property in an IRA.

Also, if you follow my recommendations, he or she can’t loan you any money for the purchase of property either. Your financial planner certainly doesn’t have a vested interest. Whether he or she is independent, or represents Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, Fidelity, Principal or any of the other majors, he or she most likely can’t offer you a Self-Directed IRA account that can buy Real Estate. They can only sell you Stocks, Bonds, CDs and Mutual Funds.

Oh… they will tell you, you can invest in a REIT. But you don’t have any control in an REIT. If the REIT management makes a bad investment, you lose. Yet, they still make their fat salaries. If they make a mistake, you lose… not them! 

Financial planners will tell you they don’t recommend buying investment property because it is too risky. Can Real Estate be any more risky than Intel going from $75 a share down to $18? More risky than Walgreens stock dropping 25% in one week because they missed the expectations on a quarterly earnings report? Even after the huge run-up in stocks from the bottoms of 2008/2009 to 2012, the NASDAQ was still valued at less than 50% of its highs over a decade earlier.

A while back, I was reading an article online on CNN Money titled “Money 70: The best Mutual Funds you can buy.” The article was quoting 1-year returns of mutual funds. Believe it or not, of the “Top 70” Mutual Funds they listed on that day, 41 of the 70 had negative 1-year returns. And that was during a time where the market went up. And this is supposedly the best of the best? Over 58% of their “best of the best” had a negative return. What about all the Mutual Funds that were not the best of the best?

Do you really want to trust your hard earned money with people representing firms that have lost Tens of Billions of Dollars?

How about getting $159 million for getting fired?

I can’t believe how the CEO of Merrill Lynch presided over that company losing Billions and Billions of dollars investing in bad mortgages and other leveraged investments. He walked away with a $159 Million settlement package. I don’t know about you, but, I sure haven’t gotten a going away gift of $159 Million for getting fired.

When stuff like that happens it really makes me question whether or not investing the “traditional” way makes sense. Do these firms really have our best interest at heart or do they have their own best interest? I think you know the answer to that.

Perhaps, I have just had some really bad financial planners, but my wife and I have yet to find one that has consistently given good advice.

Years ago, my wife was a passenger in a car accident where she and her entire family were driving home from a shopping trip to an outlet mall on a Sunday afternoon. They were broadsided by a drunk driver blowing through a red light. My wife’s mother was killed instantly.

I can’t think of anything more tragic. And to make matters worse, the person who hit them was not only drunk, but uninsured. As a result, each family member received just a small settlement from their insurance company. Certainly no amount of money could ever bring my wife’s mother back. Nor, could it ever repair the permanent loss inflicted on the family. But, the amount of the settlement was ridiculous. Never the less, I share this with you because the story only gets worse.

My wife didn't know what to with the money she did receive. After all, she too never had any courses in high school or college on how to invest money. So, she did what many of us would have and went to a so called “expert” a “trusted” financial advisor. She solicited the help of a financial planner that the family had known for years. 

This expert proceeded to sell her a couple of different annuities, all which were tied to the performance of the stock market.

Well, the stock market tanked from 2000 to 2003 and on paper she lost the majority of her investment. Ah… but in 2007 the market in general rebounded and hit new all time highs. Yes, that was true, but even though the market was at an all time high, my wife’s annuities were still worth 50% less than what she invested in 1998. How was that possible?

Fees & commissions diminish investment returns in traditional IRA investments!

The returns on my wife’s annuities were pathetic because of fees, commissions and bad investments. That’s how she lost all that money. We finally got so frustrated we sold all of her annuities at a loss almost 50%. So not only did my wife lose her mother. But after 9 years, she also lost a good portion of the money she received as compensation for losing her mother. What a disgrace. That financial planner should be ashamed of himself.

And, my own experience hasn’t been much better. In the fall of 2007, I had no less than three financial planners all tell me to “Buy… Buy… Buy” in the stock market. I will never forget about three weeks before the market tanked, one of my financial planners left me a voicemail.

“Buy… Buy… Buy!”

On the message, you could hear him ringing a bell as he was saying: “Now’s the time to buy. Buy… buy… buy” Fortunately, I didn't listen to him. I told him “No… No… No… keep me in cash earning a paltry 4% because I think the stock market is going down and I don’t want to lose my money.” I turned out to be the one who was right. The stock market proceeded to tank over 20% from the point he was telling me to buy.

Sure, the stock market almost always recovers, but at the time of the printing of this book, the NASDAQ was still 50% lower than its peak of 2000, almost eight years later. I don’t have the patience to wait for it to come back to 5,000.

Are you happy with your investments?

Prior to learning the secrets I am going to share with you, I was getting really frustrated. I was sitting in cash, earning less than 4%. Plus, with rates going down, it was only going to get worse.

My thoughts were that the country was going into a recession, even if the government statistics showed the contrary. If that was to be the case, the stock market most likely would not go up any time soon.

At the time, I didn’t want to lose my hard earned retirement money in the stock market. But, without a pension and who knows whether or not Social Security will be around for my wife and me to collect, I wondered how my wife and I would ever be able to retire comfortably earning less interest than the rate of inflation?

Stock Markets don’t always go up!

Prior to learning the secrets I am about to share with you, I can’t tell you how frustrated I was. Every financial advisor I have met based retirement projections off of earning 8% to 12% a year. Yet, there have been many prolonged periods of time where the stock market has not delivered those kinds of returns. Sure, financial planners will point to the fact that in 1987 the Dow Jones stock market index was at 1739 and now it is much higher. But, what about the other markets that they don’t talk about?

From 1966 thru 1982 the Dow Jones had Zero gain! From 2000 to 2008, the NASDAQ Index, after eight years, was still trading at less than half of what it was at in 2000.

Unfortunately, it can take years for stock markets to recover from bear (down) markets. It can also take years for stock markets to show gains.

The bottom line is when I learned that I could buy Real Estate in my IRA I thought it was too good to be true. But, after thorough research I learned that yes, it is true! The IRS fully blesses the ability to purchase Real Estate for IRA investments.